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Basically-- if you're writing fic for me, I love you. I'm going to be happy just to be able to share my fandom love.

You'll notice I throw a lot of ideas out-- feel free to take one, take many, take none. I know how hard it can be to settle on something once the assignments come in. So I'm offering a bunch of options that I will enjoy-- not hard and fast requirements-- to give you an idea of what's going on in my head.

My current blog is challahchic, over on Tumblr. I can't promise it will be helpful, but in the interest of helping with the stalking process...

Other General Info:

I like:
Plot, adventures, banter and dry humor, happy endings, over the top AUs (steampunk, noir, organized crime, rum-runners, harems...), power-play, porn, gen, slash, femslash, het, any rating you feel comfortable with (for violence and/or sex), bittersweet things that are heavy on the sweet, feminism and fics that pass the Bechdel Test, interesting narrative voices and/or concepts.

I don't like:
Deathfic, gratuitous angst, character-bashing, introspective character pieces, five times fics, issuefic (issuefic meaning "stories where the main thrust is the author's pedogogical opinions taking precedence over characterization, plot and pacing."), A/B/O universes

FANDOM: Death Parade (Ginti)

The Series:
Somewhere there exists a mysterious bar. When you arrive at it, you are forced to play a game—cards, bowling, darts, etc.—against another person. If you win, you get to leave. If you lose, however, you die. Or at least that’s what the situation appears to be. In truth, it is far different: Players are already dead when they arrive at the bar...

The thing about Death Parade is that it uses its premise to create a series of intense character studies. While the episode plots are mainly set up around the above premise, what's really important is exploring the complex emotional depth of human beings, and what it means to understand or misunderstand emotions and actions. Which is not to say Death Parade is all intense seriousness all the time-- the characters are well-developed, and light-hearted moments break up the set pieces when needed. Also, it's gorgeously animated and utterly unique.

Death Parade can be found on Hulu. It is an original 13-episode anime, and there is no manga

The thing about Death Parade is honestly how LITTLE we know about the world-- we know the floor number is a measure of skill and seniority, we know that arbiters eat together and are "dolls", not humans, but they have human emotions and might have been humans at one point? So world-building would be great-- Ginti discovering more humanity in himself, and plotty adventures trying to learn more about his mysterious employers.

Also, I FUCKING LOVE Mayu/Ginti. I was rooting for her to be able to stay at Viginti forever, and if you write me an AU where she does that, I would love you forever. I ship them, both romantically and platonically, but basically, I just loved they way Ginti often got emotions unwillingly pulled out of him by her presence. She was a good counterbalance to his thin veneer of sadism over a warm and gooey center. Ginti going on a quest to get her back, and make her an arbiter (and whatever THAT means!) would be my most A+++++ desire. Anything with the two of them would be awesome, though-- romance, plot or porn are all good for me.

Also a normal bar AU or host club AU or coffee shop AUs would be awesome as well!

Extra Details:
As much as I love Ginti, I love all of the rest of the characters too. The series really shines brightest when using its characters to explore the concepts of emotions and their involvement in judgement-- which makes Decim, Nona and Kurokami no Onna/Chiyuki all really great characters for me. If I had to pick a runner up to Mayu and Ginti as "most intriguing character to play with", it would have to be Nona, because she knows so much and clearly has been around long enough to start playing politics and dirty pool for her own ends. But the series, since it's so short, never really gives enough depth of universe for her plot arc to get time to shine.

Also, the running theme of dolls (Ginti's kokeshi, Decim's life-sized mannequin, the mannequins in the Void, and arbiters as "ningyo") is really fascinating as a philosophical concept. What makes a person a person and not a doll? Does the answer to that reflect why arbiters have a hard time understanding human emotions and memories? Does it explain Ginti and Decim's obsession with doll-collecting? Do other arbiters collect Barbies and Monster high dolls?

In case you can't tell, despite the fatalistic tone of the series, I'm looking for a bit more on the optimistic side. I like bittersweet stories, but I tend te prefer things on the sweeter end.

FANDOM: Natsume Yuujinchou | Natsume's Book of Friend (Natsume Takashi, Tanuma Kaname)

The Series:
Natsume Yuujinchou is a small gem of a series-- the story is simple, because there's no overall arcing plot. The series consists of moslty-self-contained episodes where a teenage boy names Natsume Takashi looks to help youkai with their problems and give them back their names. Sometimes he seeks to help out humans troubled by youkai, while making friends and finding a  human community that accepts him for the first time.

If you enjoy shows about high school boys growing up into good, honest people and being friends with maybe some ghosts and stuff thrown in, Natsume's Book of Friend is for you. The pace is fairly slow, and it's got a lot less straight-up adventure than you'd expect-- it's an emotionally evocative, supernatural slice-of-life drama. It's energetic, funny and meditative by turns.

The entire series is available on Crunchyroll with the fourth season seperated out as Natsume Yuujinchou Shi.

Natsume is wonderful-- I mean both the show and the character. I love magic and monsters, but the slice-of-life, springtime-of-youth tone of the series is unlike any other monster narratives I've yet found.

I do ship Natsume and Tanuma, and I would love to have some slow, sweet realizations of their relationship-- preferably with mortal danger or some adventures involved.

If you want to indulge me, Natsume and Tanuma both being forced to pretend to dress up as gods (think the Moon-Splitting Festival episode, with Natsume in the Houzukigami kimono and mask) and, you know, have sex in order to keep the forest from dying or something. That or a darker universe where Natsume has given up on humans entirely, and become the head of the Night Parade of 100 Demons or something and then meets Tanuma who isn't a monk but has some power... Although, if you want to write horrible porn that involves Matoba and his gigantic fucking hard on for Natsume's abilities, and bondage, dubious consent, and Tanuma and Nyanko saving the day, and hurt/comfort... well. I'm also down with that.

On the other hand, if you can't write them as a couple, feel free to re-purpose any of the above plots as a gen adventure! I enjoy adventures with demons and the series itself with it's caring and warm atmosphere.

Extra Details: 
Natsume is one of my favorite anime. I can watch it no matter my mood because it's such a satisfying tone-- gentle and emotional but with some adventure mixed in. It's like occult adventure, if occult adventures where what your best friend did when he was alone and it's the happiest time of his life. Where "happy" equals "contentment, with friends and loved ones". So if you can keep that mood, I will be happy as all hell, but if you want to mix it up-- throw in more horror, or more high school angst about sexual identity or deal with flashbacks to Natsume's terrible fucking previous family situations, I am great with that too.

As for other characters, I enjoy them all! I rather fancy Taki with Nishimura (with lots of Nyanko-sensei being cuddled against his will), and Nyanko-sensei/Reiko, and ALSO Natori/Matoba in a resentful nostalgic fling (or on-again off-again). But I'd rather not see Natori or Matoba in a relationship with Natsume. If they take part or meddle in a monster-hunt, that would be awesome though. (Taki too!)

There does not have to be that one part where I cry, even though there's always that one point in the episode. Although if Tanuma cried because of how much he wants to protect Natsume and there's lots of heart-string-tugging because Natsume is about FEELINGS, I'm not going to complain. I just need my warm, sweet, hapy-endings. NATSUME IS ABOUT FRIENDSHIP.

THE REQUEST: Ever After High (Apple White, Raven Queen, Darling Charming)

The Series:
A multimedia-supported doll franchise about the children of major fairytale characters. It's aimed at girls 9-13, thus explaining the frilly dresses, and is pretty ridiculous, but I really enjoy the concepts of the webisodes and other media. It is very much a female-focused franchise, and subscribes pretty heavily to the gender binary, but it has recently flirted with queer themes (which is to say, main character Apple White was recently kissed awake by Darling Charming, the sister of Apple's supposed "prince"), Since the main characters, Apple White and Raven Queen, are roommates and friends, despite being on opposite sides of the major narrative antagonism- (i.e. descendents of the royalty and heroes versus descendents of the villains, antagonists and neutral characters), the series has a great deal of room for female friendship, and the exploration of making choices, and how they impact the people around you.

All the webisodes can be found Youtube, while the five TV movies are on Netflix.

It's a re-imagining of fairytales that explicitly questions the idea of the good versus evil trope, and all the girls wear amazing floofy dresses. I just...

Okay. So, this is an and/or prompt-- I ship Raven/Apple, Apple/Darling, Darling/Raven or all three! So you can write about any of the three in any combination, or all of them in some grand quest or adventure. Feel free to bring in any of the other characters you enjoy-- I think all of the characters are pretty cool.

I wouldn't mind Apple struggling with attraction to Raven-- and Raven sort of reciprocating but not sure how that works, since the Charmings are... there. And Darling not sure how to approach Apple OR Raven because, well, princesses aren't supposed to be doing stuff like this, and she keeps blowing her cover as a "princess". Dealing with the events of Dragon Games and the kiss and Raven's mother would be awesome. I'm all down with awkward teenagers doing awkward teenager stuff and also magic.

Or Raven and Apple and Darling ending up on a grand quest to rid the kingdom of some great evil. Like, maybe Duchess actually DOES go all Black Swan or the Wolf sisters get tired of being split up. Or some other contrived villain. Or maybe a future fic where they're a poly threesome, trying to deal with incorporating their three countries into one vaguely modern country. (DARLING IN A BUSINESS SUIT, I'M JUST SAYING). Or, as always "Main Characters Are Evil" AUs are super my jam.

And if you want to throw in some nods to any other folklore, I am TOTALLY DOWN WITH THAT.

Extra Details:
Character-building femslash or ladies hanging out in a way that's not about a boy, is sort of what this whole thing boils down to.

Any tone you want to use is fine-- I'd love to see something actually serious, dealing with the ambiguous morality of Snow White, Evil Queen and the Grimms, and how that affects the kids who are learning under them. If you want to do some world-building about what other prophecies or villains or adventures might exist in the universe, or even where the school is-- what country, who rules that place? The fact that Apple is shockingly good at literally anything she puts her mind to--including villainy-- is also a thing I love. Or the cutesy, silly tone that the series takes is also fun. Flirty girls in frilly dresses. They can go riding off to conquer dragons (or have tea parties with dragons, whatever) and find prophecies and sit and watch the stars.

I feel like Apple's a little bit of a brat, but that part of that is knowing exactly what and how her story will go, and if you want to give her more depth or resentment, or a desire to completely change the story that she never thought she had without Raven, that would be cool. And Raven trying so hard to keep her cool, and to break the mold that's been laid out for her even when there's all this peer pressure and narrative pressure to change into this evil person. And I've always been interested in the idea of characters breaking the shockingly strict gender binary laid out by the series-- Darling is so sweet and femme, but is that really what she wants, or what she thinks she needs to act like in order to slip away for furtive knight-stuff?

My other ships in this fandom are: Daring/Lizzie (he makes her laugh! She makes him think!), Dexter/Humphrey, Ginger/everyone, Hunter/Ashlynn, Cedar/Lizzie, Cedar/Cerise, Cerise/Raven.

Also, given how aggressively Western the stories apparent in the series are so far, if you want to world-build and bring in new characters from non-Grimm and non-Western sources, that would be awesome.

Basically, nom nom nom sympathetic, character-building and world-building that doesn't involve women fighting over a dude.

FANDOM: Makai Ouji (William Twining)

The Series:
Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist (魔界王子 devils and realist) is a jousei supernatural manga series written by Madoka Takadono and illustrated by Utako Yukihiro.

The series follows William Twining, the skeptical scion of a rich family in 17th century england.  When he learns his uncle has run off with the family fortune, he returns home, only to accidentally summon Dantalion, one of the 72 demons bound by Solomon.  According to Dantalion, Willion is the descendent of Solomon, and therefor the one who must choose the leader of Hell while Lucifer sleeps the convenient Odin-Sleep. William, being an atheist, adamantly refuses to believe what Dantalion tells him, even as he's attacked by and attracts new demons to his side.  Being a Zero Sum series, all of the characters are attractive young men with lots of UST.  It's a fun take on the mythology, if not the most original and the characters and plotline are engaging and fun, if you like ridiculously attractive bishounen and lots of magical fights.

The manga can be found here, and the anime here.

William's constant push-back to the magical nature of his experiences is one of my favorite things about this series. I love the constant "THIS IS TOTALLY NORMAL" even when it's not normal, and his striving to continue to build his own mundane life and work the politics of the situations even in the face of, like, being possessed by King Solomon. The "Realist" part of the "Devils and Realist" is really what keeps me loving this series.

I would love plotty adventures or mysteries for this fandom. Honestly, my main ship is William/Mycroft Swallow-- So I'd love to see Mycroft being worried about William's distraction (due to Dantalion et al), and trying to find out what's going on and getting into trouble, and William having to save him! Or if you want to sideline the supernatural stuff, Mycroft and William's first time-- I'm all over boarding school boys making out.  It can be either before or after Dantalion shows up, but really I'm of the opinion that William is not as into Dantalion as Dantalion is into him.  And if you like Dantalion/William, I'd love for there to be some "Mycroft clearly loves William for himself, but it's not sure if Dantalion sees William or Solomon".  I'm also all for functional threesomes.

I know neither Dantalion nor Mycroft are in the tag set-- OTOH Sytry is. If you are a Sytry fan, I'd love platonic hurt/comfort dealing with Baalberith, and the differences in how William and Solomon comforted and protected Sytry.

I do love the tone of the series, where it's aware of all the tropes of the jousei/seinen Zero Sum style manga, and gleefully plays with them.  All the outrageously costumed demons (GILES DE RAIS WHAT THE FUCK), and messing with mythology is so much fun.  If you have a grounding in demonology, and want to use that as part of a long, plotty adventure, I will love you forever.

Note: I have only read through chapter 18 of the manga, but I've seen the entire anime.

Extra Details:
Like I said, one of the things that draws me to this series is William's push to continue his mundane life in the face of extraordinary events. Often in series like this, school, work, and human friendships fall away in favor of the (attractive) supernatural men flocking around the main character. The fact that William wants to have mundane wealth, mundane political power and mundane relationships with Isaac, Swallow, other classmates and mundane political luminaries charms me.

Which is not to say that I don't like a demons and angels! The exploration of Dantalion and Williams relationship, especially in regards to William's past life as Solomon and how that influences his current experiences, is wonderful. I have an uncomfortable boner for Baalberith/Sytry and Solomon/Sytry hurt/comfort. Although I definitely don't ship William/Sytry I love that they give each other weird sorts of comfort and that William is always a little thrown by the fact that someone who looks as dandyish as Sytry has a core of steel. Also I love reading about IRL Gilles de Rais, so his utterly magnificent OTT-ness charms me. And, I'm always down for some Michael/Uriel foot fetish and wing kink tbh.

SPEAKING OF KEVIN, his relationship with William is great, but I like it best when it's platonic and weird. William has trusted Kevin his entire life, and I do enjoy the comic doubletakes of Kevin being upright and trustworthy, but also a compulsive gambler. Also, the betrayal undertones, where Kevin's been keeping secret for William's entire life, and William's unconditional love for him has to be reevaluated gives the relationship some teeth. Still, again, I like it platonically/

(If you've ever watched Kuroshitsuji-- which I have, to my everlasting shame-- THIS is what I wanted it to be. A human who has relationships with unnatural beings, while simultaneously solving murders for the crown is a plot I love. And then Kuroshitsuji wrecked my hopes by being so ridiculous. So... if you want to write about William using his supernatural and mundane buddies to solve crimes for the crown...)

FANDOM: Monster High (Clawdeen Wolf, Draculaura, Frankie Stein)

The Series:
A multimedia-supported doll franchise about the children of characters from monster movies, sci-fi horror, thriller fiction, and various other creatures. It's aimed at girls 9-13, tand is pretty ridiculous, but I really enjoy the concepts of the webisodes and other media. The fact that it  focuses on themes that encourage female friendship and being aware of and accepting of others flaws-- both physical and mental makes me love it all the more.

It goes the goofy route when exploring the monster mythos, which can be fun and is an interesting way to introduce sci-fi themes to young girls in a way that's less likely to get them picked on. But basically... girls doing cool shit and boys being useless is the best part of the show.

All the webisodes can be found Youtube, while its eleven TV movies are on Netflix.

I'd love a darker take on this universe-- I mean, they're monsters! What exactly does that entail? Draculaura and Clawdeen kind of have to eat people. Draculaura is over a thousand years older than her friends! Frankie and her tendency to just sort of fall into danger. I love horror stories, and I would love a Monster High horror story a lot. I feel like it has a lot of possibility for slow, disorienting horror. Slow disorienting LESBIAN horror, especially.

OTOH, tone-appropriate stories are also great. Backpacking all over the world and meeting new ghouls, and getting into trouble is definitely a thing I like (in case you couldn't tell from the fact that I LIKE Monster High).

Also, it seems like the school is a boarding school, so lesbians in boarding schools, navigating their monsterness and their lesbianness (tbf according to Gothic literature, those are not disconnected things, and I'd LOVE a Gothic take) together is something I'd love to see too!

Extra Details:
My feelings about this fandom are very similar to Ever After High (which is probably unsurprising, given that they're connected franchises). Character-building femslash or ladies hanging out and/or being monstrous.

Any tone you want to use is fine-- I'd love to see something serious. I feel like this series is ripe for a gothic/horror/serious SFF interpretation. If you want to do some world-building about what other monsters exist, or how the local Normies are incorporated into the community where the school is-- in Ghouls Rule, it certainly seems like there's a mundane human community nearby. (TBH I'd rather not have them deal with monster hunters, tho. I'd rather keep the focus on the ghouls' monstrousness over their fear of mundane humans). OTOH the cutesy, silly tone that the series takes is also fun. Flirty girls in short skirts traveling the world and meeting all sorts of new monsters and going on dates in Scaris or Doombai or Londoom. Or just going to see scary boovies together.

I know that MH has explored world monsterdom a bit in the exchange student series and stories like The Great Scarrier Reef, but if you know and incorporate not-so-well explored monsters (supernatural legends from South America, China, Africa, and India aren't very well established in this universe) I will be overwhelmed with glee.

My ships in this fandom are: Frankie/Clawdeen, Draculaura/Clawde, Twyla/Howleen, Toralei/Cleo, Cleo/Deuce, Manny/Iris

FANDOM: X-Men Origins: Wolverine (Logan, Sabretooth)

The Series:
It's X-Men Origins: Wolverine. I'm not sure what else to say here. It's one of those movies that some comic fans like and some hate with a burning passion. The plot's ridiculous, they explore Logan's past with no actual thought given to how well it would make him come off, the effects are pretty terrible, and it's just... silly. I LOVE IT.

It can be found legally on Youtube, Amazon and iTunes for the princely sum of $2.99. Or you can stream it here

I know this movie is on the top of a lot of comic fans' "DNW" list, just like Batman and Robin-- which I ALSO LOVE. It's just, knowingly terrible, over the top comic book-y bullshit that doesn't QUITE make sense, but is filled with decent actors and vague winks at comics continuity.

I love Victor/Logan in this particular continuity because the backstory gives them my favorite sort of codependent, lonely siblings dynamic. Logan pre-amnesia is less gruff, and more frustrated and emotional. And Victor cares for James/Logan, cares for him deeply but is no good at reigning in his impulses and that drives a wedge between them.

Mainly I want pre-amnesia Logan/Victor surviving a long-ass time together, being codependent and maybe a little closer than brothers OUGHT to be. Also some of James being unhapy about Victor's tendency towards uber violence, and them arguing, but also saving each other. If you want to write a nice plotty adventure with comics references and characters, I'd be plenty happy with that. If you want to throw utterly ridiculous but vaguely plausible canon divergence points (IDK, James and Victor as private detectives for a while? Strippers? Running rum?), I'll be super happy with that too!

OTOH if you just want to write violent brothers having codependent and vaguely violent sex, I'm also down with that.

Extra Details:
The first thing I need to admit-- I saw the leaked version first, which means that in my head, the movie will always only have half-finished graphics, even though I've since seen the full version. So, when writing this fandom for me, please be aware that I take the whole thing with a hyuuuuuuuge grain of salt. As much as I love serious depictions of codependent brothers, I'm never going to be able to take this movie or any derivative works with a totally straight face.

Which means you can do totally ridiculous things with it-- did Logan and Victor strip to make money? Was Victor good at it? Did it give James a boner? Maybe they hung out with Cap during WWII and had a threesome, or maybe they just got Steve RIP ROARING DRUNK and tried to set him up with cute people. (Please note: this is not an MCU crossover request. I'm not in that fandom and don't have a strong grasp on that particular canon.) Vaguely violent hijinks is my jam here, although if you like the idea of a dark, dramatic Victor-James clash with both of them beating on each other, I'm not going to COMPLAIN. If you're writing a plotty, serious adventure-- like then saving kidnapping victim or hunting down a serial killer or stopping a menace from beyond space-time that would be great too!

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