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Basically-- if you're writing fic for me, I love you. I'm going to be happy just to be able to share my squee.

You'll notice I throw a lot of ideas out-- feel free to take one, take many, take none. I always have fifteen billion ideas floating around, and I know how hard it can be to settle on something once the assignments come in. So I'm offering options, just to give you an idea of what's going on in my head.

Other General Info:
I like:
Plot, adventures, banter and dry humor, happy endings, nerdly things like unicorns and cake, over the top AUs (steampunk, noir, organized crime, rum-runners, harems...), power-play, porn, gen, slash, femslash, het, any rating you feel comfortable with (for violence and/or sex), bittersweet things that are heavy on the sweet, feminism and fics that pass the Bechdel Test, interesting narrative voices and/or concepts.

I don't like:
Deathfic, gratuitous angst, character-bashing, introspective character pieces, five times fics, issuefic (issuefic meaning "stories where the main thrust is the author's pedogogical opinions taking precedence over characterization, plot and pacing."), A/B/O universes

[If you're having trouble with your prompts, my "gimme" fandom is "Scale-Bright" by Benjanun Sriduagkaew-- it's a 110 page novella.]

THE REQUEST: Dragon Prince - Melanie Rawn (Ianthe of Princemarch, Sioned of River Run)

I love everything this series chooses to be. It's fun and cheesy and fantasy, which the best thing in the world.

I've always thought that Ianthe had a serious hate-crush on Sioned and part of the reason she was so vicious and fucked up was that whole "you must marry a guy and expand the empire or your useless" thing when maybe she didn't want to do that. Ianthe's always been one of my favorite characters because she's brilliant and ruthless and clearly takes joy in clever plans that go well. Of course, being the villain in a cheesy fantasy, she got no depth whatsoever, aside from that whole sexually liberated, taking male consorts thing (which is AWESOME, okay.) Sioned is also awesome and brilliant and kick ass. Her hesitance in the first book while she decided what she really wanted to do was pretty great, as was the fact that she promptly made friends with Tobin and pretty much every character not designated "villain". It seems like up through Ianthe's death, they're playing a game of brinkmanship. (Which isn't to say I don't like Sioned and Rohan together. They're bookTP and totally awesome.)

As for prompts, I normally prefer plotty fic to introspection. I feel like the whole sunrunner thing lends itself well to espionage, so political thriller, or murder mysteries or something would be great. If you want to do plot-what-plot involving these two-- either sex or just the sort of dancing around/pigtail pulling that would be great. Threesomes with Rohan-- also acceptable! Hell, if you want to do an AU where they end up together instead of Sioned marrying Rohan-- or alternately, an AU end to the trilogy, where Ianthe never died in the fire and ends up taking over as High Princess and making the Desert monarchs' lives hell and discovering her powers. Or something where she knew about her powers all along. Or Sioned, I don't know, realizing she kind of did think Ianthe was attractive.< >I also really enjoy Pandsala, but I didn't find her dynamic with Sioned and Rohan quite as engaging, even though she also did some bad-ass stuff in the long run. Her weird push and pull backstabby, politicized sisterly thing was interesting, though.

Extra Details: Okay, like I said, I think this series is the cheesiest fantasy series in the WORLD and in a lot of ways it's one of my first nostalgia fandoms. If you haven't read them, they are kind of ridiculously long (Like, GRR Martin-long), but they're quick reads despite that and rather less depressing than a lot of high fantasy. It's silly in the way that "adult fantasy" that takes itself way too seriously can be. A lot of the main protagonists actively enjoy each others' company and that's as much integral to the book as the politics and dragon-slaying.

That said, I kinda asked for a semi-serious plotty story. But if you want to run with the "it's cheesy fantasy" and want to write about Ianthe rescuing princesses or something silly, I say get down with your nerd self and run with it.

I've only read parts of the scond trilogy, and the second generation aren't really very interestng to me. If you want to write future-fic, I would prefer that it continues to focus on the original generation (no matter how much I love Andry, Pol just seems like kind of a jerk).

The Series: I want to say "if this wasn't the matched fandom you should go out and read them right the fuck now', but you really need to enjoy ridiculous high fantasy novels about politics and a dude who's the prince of a desert and some people who communicate via sunlight. Needless to say, there's magic in there somewhere. And a LOT of politics. It's full of cheese. If it sounds interesting to you, pretty much ever used bookstore I have ever been to has at least one copy of these books. I think they spawn on bookshelves or something. You can probably also find digital copies on the internet.</span>

THE REQUEST: Natsume Yuujinchou | Natsume's Book of Friend (Natsume Takashi, Tanuma Kaname)</i>

Natsume is wonderful-- I mean both the show and the character. I love magic and monsters, but the slice-of-life, springtime-of-youth tone of the series is unlike any other monster narrative I've yet found.

I do ship Natsume and Tanuma, and I would love to have some slow, sweet realizations of their relationship-- possibly with youkai interference, or some mortal danger. I would love both a first date, where they end up having to hide from some youkai, OR Natsume or Tanuma in mortal danger and they discover their mutual feelings over the course of the rescue.

If you want to REALLY indulge me, Natsume and Tanuma both being forced to pretend to dress up as gods (think the Moon-Splitting Festival episode, with Natsume in the Houzukigami kimono and mask) and, you know, have sex in order to keep the forest from dying or something. That or a darker universe where Natsume has given up on humans entirely, and become the head of the Night Parade of 100 Demons or something and then meets Tanuma who isn't a monk but has some power...

On the other hand, if you can't write them as a couple, feel free to re-purpose any of the above plots as a gen adventure! I enjoy adventures with demons and the series itself with it's caring and warm atmosphere.

Extra Details: Natsume is one of my favorite anime. I can watch it no matter my mood because it's such a satisfying tone-- gentle and emotional but with some adventure mixed in. It's like occult adventure, if occult adventures where what your best friend did when he was alone and it's the happiest time of his life. Where "happy" equals "contentment, with friends and loved ones". So if you can keep that mood, I will be happy as all hell, but if you want to mix it up-- throw in more horror, or more high school angst about sexual identity or deal with flashbacks to Natsume's terrible fucking previous family situations, I am great with that too.

As for other characters, I enjoy them all! I rather fancy Taki with Nishimura (with lots of Nyanko-sensei being cuddled against his will), and Nyanko-sensei/Reiko, and ALSO Natori/Matoba in a resentful nostalgic fling (or on-again off-again). But I'd rather not see Natori or Matoba in a relationship with Natsume. If they take part or meddle in a monster-hunt, that would be awesome though. (Taki too!)

There does not have to be that one part where I cry, even though there's always that one point in the episode. Although if Tanuma cried because of how much he wants to protect Natsume and there's lots of heart-string-tugging because Natsume is about FEELINGS, I'm not going to complain. I just need my warm, sweet, hapy-endings. NATSUME IS ABOUT FRIENDSHIP.

The Series: If you have not seen Natsume Yuujinchou and you enjoy you high school boys being friends with maybe some ghosts and stuff thrown in, Natsume is sort of a cultural treasure. It's got a lot less straight-up adventure than you'd expect-- it's an emotionally evocative, supernatural slice-of-life drama. It's energetic, funny and meditative by turns.

The entire series is available on Crunchyroll with the fourth season seperated out as Natsume Yuujinchou Shi.

THE REQUEST: Ever After High (Apple White, Raven Queen, Madeline "Maddie" Hatter)

It's a re-imagining of fairytales that explicitly questions the idea of the good versus evil trope, and all the girls wear amazing floofy dresses. I just...

Okay. So, this is an and/or prompt-- I ship Raven/Apple, but I love Maddie and Raven's friendship and Maddie's weird cognizance of exactly what's going on without always being capable of stating it plainly. So you can write about any of the three in any combination, or all of them in some grand quest or adventure. Feel free to bring in any of the other characters you enjoy-- I think all of the characters are pretty cool.

I wouldn't mind Apple struggling with attraction to Raven-- since Raven is supposed to be her ultimate enemy (except that they room together and Apple CLEARLY likes her, and Raven reciprocates, so it's not like they can just suddenly hate each other after graduation-- even if Raven did that THING at Legacy Day). And Raven sort of reciprocating but not sure how that works, since the Charmings are... there.

Or Raven and Apple and Maddie ending up on a grand quest to rid the kingdom of some great evil, and realizing that the prophecies that require them to be antagonists are a sham.

Or Maddie and Raven dealing with the idea of destiny over a tea party (bonus points for surreal Alice in Wonderland stuff that Raven tries to shut down), and maybe learning about some dark secret that's forcing all this Destiny stuff to happen.

And if you want to throw in some nods to any other folklore, I am TOTALLY DOWN WITH THAT.

Extra Details: Character-building femslash or ladies hanging out in a way that's not about a boy, is sort of what this whole thing boils down to.

Any tone you want to use is fine-- I'd love to see something actually serious, treating the concepts of Legacy Day and the strange prophecies and the somewhat acrimonious split between the Royals and the Rebels in a more aggressive manner. If you want to do some world-building about what other prophecies or villains or adventures might exist in the universe, or even where the school is-- what country, who rules that place? Where is the Evil Queen, and why would she and Snow White be okay with their daughters rooming together? Or the cutesy, silly tone that the series takes is also fun. Flirty girls in frilly dresses. They can go riding off to conquer dragons (or have tea parties with dragons, whatever) and find prophecies and sit and watch the stars.

I feel like Apple's a little bit of a brat, but that part of that is knowing exactly what and how her story will go, and if you want to give her more depth or resentment, or a desire to completely change the story that she never thought she had without Raven, that would be cool. (I always wondered what would happen if one of the female Royals prefered a different sort of gender presentation). And Raven trying so hard to keep her cool, and to break the mold that's been laid out for her even when there's all this peer pressure and narrative pressure to change into this evil person. And then Maddie who's NOT evil, just a neutral antagonistic-type person, who's only antagonistic by dint of being unaware of social norms... But the school has this binaristic view-- that you can ONLY be a Royal or a Rebel, without any sort of grey. Does Maddie ever find it weird that despite the fact that the Mad Hatter was never caught up in a bad end, her destiny is still considered to be an "unfavorable" one?

Also, given how aggressively Western the stories apparent in the series are so far, if you want to world-build and bring in new characters from non-Grimm and non-Western sources, that would be awesome.

Basically, nom nom nom sympathetic, character-building and world-building that doesn't involve women fighting over a dude.

The Series: A multimedia-supported doll franchise about the children of all the major fairytale characters. It's aimed at girls 9-13, thus explaining the frilly dresses, and is pretty ridiculous, but I really enjoy the concepts of the webisodes and other media. Since the main characters, Apple White and Raven Queen, are roommates and friends, despite being on opposite sides of the major narrative antagonism-- Royals vs Rebels (i.e. descendents of the royalty and heroes versus descendents of the villains, antagonists and neutral characters), the series has a great deal of room for female friendship, and the exploration of making choices, and how they impact the people around you.

All the webisodes can be found Youtube, while the TV Specials are on Netflix and Youtube (1, 2)

THE REQUEST: Getbackers (Midou Ban, Amano Ginji)

I can't not love Ban and Ginji. They were one of my early anime loves. Their weird, complicated, but totally trusting and loving dynamic, their vicious backstories, their cuddling in the car... I just can't help but adore them.

If you want to write gen adventure, as I keep saying, I fucking love adventure. I wouldn't enjoy Getbackers if I didn't like all the plotting and action and sneaking (and failing to sneak). If you want to write me a plotty story that involves their powers and their friends and fighting and ridiculousness, that is AWESOME.

Other stories that I'd love, if you want to give it a whirl-- Ban and Raitei getting close, the way they became that comfortable and trusting. Either some sort of adventure together or something smaller and more intimate. Maybe their first time having sex, or just their first time sleeping next to each other. (If, uhm, Ginji's powers figure into sex somehow, I... will be very happy.)

Also an everyday session of car-cuddling would be awesome. < >

Or something happens to bring Raitei out and Ban has to angst some before, you know, trying to pull Ginji out of it. Angst in a story like that would be awesome. Also smooches and happy endings.

Or, just play with the story's mythology-- someone wrote a teaser for a Getbackers AU which stuck with me. It insinuated that Maria lied to Ban about it being Asclepius in his arm-- that it's Lucifer instead. If you want to fiddle with any sort of AUs, FEEL FREE. I love AUs.

Extra Details: The Ban and Ginji relationship/friendship is something that I've loved for ages. It startes with this base of complete trust in the first episodes, before delving into all of these awful experiences that the two of them went through seperately. So any fic for me really needs to rely on that core, where they truly care about each other, regardless of whatever is going on.

That said, I have id-fic desires that involve one or the other of them giving into their darker impulses before the other drags them back from the edge, with a ton of hurt/comfort and some griping and electric (literally) sex. Angst-in-the-rain is never a bad thing with this fandom. Still, I am a happy-endings sort of person, so no matter what else happens, they should end up back together with their love intact.

I don't MIND Akabane, especially with Ban worrying about him and his impact on the Raitei parts of Ginji, but I do not ship it at all. I don't mind Himiko/Ban or Yamato/Ban, and I really enjoy Himiko as a character in her own right, with agency. (I have a thing for Himiko/Maguruma, actually). Obviously I enjoy Kazuki/Juubei as a background thing, and I wouldn't mind at all there haven't been a past thing with Kazuki and Ginji.

I'm more familiar with the anime than the manga, tbf, but I don't mind manga plotline stuff.

The Series: Gosh, if you haven't watched Getbackers, it's awesome! The anime ran from 2002-2003, the manga ran from 1999-2007. The series was one of the very early prototypes of the action-adventure buddy series about two down-on-their-luck detective-types (in this case a "Dakkanya" or "Get-back service"). It's got a ton of ho-yay, given that the two protagonists live in their car and trust each other implicitly, and there's later canonical homosexual relationships between two of the side characters. It's goofy early on, but gets seriously pretty quickly. The 49-episode anime covers the first arc of the manga, and some stand-alone stories.

The anime is here, the manga is here.


THE REQUESTT: Scale-Bright - Benjanun Sriduangkaew (Houyi | Hau Ngai, Chang'e | Seung Ngo)

I just really loved the way that Sriduangkaew built their relationship, their being together, the way that both of them are resilient and adaptable but in their own very distinct ways. That Chang'e seems so much more pliant but really isn't (as Julienne learns), while with Xihe Houyi is much more acquiescent than she appears is really fascinating.

I would love the two of them spending time together-- maybe a family outing with Julienne that gets interrupted by a demon, or hunting together, alone. I'd love to have more legendary adventures, if you feel up to that.

Also-- what was Chang'e doing during most of Scale-Bright? She seemed to have gone off on her own on an adventure of her own. If you want to write about Chang'e's solo adventure (with, you know, possibly dirty phone calls to Houyi), that would be pretty fun.

If you want to write romantic fluff or sex, that's fine too. Their give-and-take relationship is really what draws me to the characters. They adapt to each other's strengths and weaknesses, and then going out on a date or having an evening at home would be great too.

Extra Details: I don't know if I have any extra notes about this-- I think I covered most of the points in the basic details. I don't mind what voice you want to use-- whether it's the matter-of-fact tone in Scale-Bright proper, the more folklorish tone from "The Woman of the Sun, The Woman of the Moon" and "The Crows for Dragon's Gate", or something else entirely. I like folklore, and I have a semi-decent grasp on Chinese cosmology, if you intend to bring in other characters or stories into the mix.

Feel free to AU it up, if you want to write Houyi and Chang'e IN SPAAAAAAACE (however that works in a universe where Chang'e kind of technically lived on a version of the moon for centuries), or a steampunk/silkpunk story.

I like angst here, but I feel like we got so little of the two loving each other, that I'd actually prefer if the angst was soewhat backgrounded. Still, if angst is your thing, as long as I get a happy ending (such as it is for these two), go for it.

Also, Divine sex is GREAT. I am totally down with them having sex.

The Series: CHINESE URBAN MYTHOLOGICAL FANTASY WITH LESBIANS. I am not kidding. If you like those things, you should read this book. Scale-Bright itself is a novella, and comes bundled with the three prequel stories. The whole thing is 110 pages and is 3 DOLLARS on Amazon and Barnes and Noble ebooks. Even if we didn't match and you don't intend to write for it, if you like LESBIANS and MYTHOLOGY and URBAN FANTASY, it is well worth your 3 DOLLARS.

You can find it on Amazon here, and B&N here

THE REQUEST: Indexing - Seanan McGuire (Sloane Winters)

This request has a lot to do with my frustration over McGuire's treatment of Sloane's story. The fact that the Wicked Stepsister storyline is pushed on Sloane that hard drove me up a wall because ATU 315 -- the Faithless Sister-- has to do with a sister betraying her brother to an ogre she has fallen in love with. There are a lot of wicked sisters in fairytales but not all of them are the SAME story. (Also, it's a predominantly Middle-Eastern story-- the only one of those apparent in the main cast, so it's frustrating that her's is the one most misconstrued).

THAT SAID! I actually really like Sloane. I felt like she could have had a lot of depth besides "the grumpy one". She's smart, resourceful, and a damn sight older than everyone else. Write me a story about Sloane-- how she joined the ATI Management Bureau, if it was even called that when she joined, how her story ended up in abeyance, what her real name was, how she's managed to survive so long when traditionally antagonistic story types usually burn out.

If you want to write an after-Indexing story, that's cool too. I'd appreciate if you toned down some of the "Sloane wants to kill Henry because of their stories" and played up the "she's putting on an act because otherwise things are too hard". If you want to touch on Gerald's relationship with her, go ahead. I'd love to see someone flesh that out because given Sloane's story-type a lover could be dangerous, and it felt like how and why that relationship came into being and the ramifications of it were never touched on or felt. Gerald also never really got the depth that he deserved.

Extra Details: As many people who have asked me about anything vaguely folklorish have found out, I am pretty opinionated about paying attention to the story that's being told. I actually ended up tweeting about how disappointed I was by the poor attention given to Sloane's story-- which you can see on Storify.

If you got this prompt and you don't understand why I'm so fixated on Sloane's story type it's that the basic layout of ATU 315 is: a brother goes adventuring (with his mother and/or sister). The sister falls in love with the ogre or robber the brother is tasked with destroying and, at the behest of her lover, tries to kill her brother. Thus the sister is faithless-- but the sister in ATU315 is faithless in a way that is significantly different from the sisters in Cinderella OR The Cruel Sister (which generally just involves one sister shoving another off a cliff, as in the ballad The Twa Sisters).

I loved Sloane, but I felt like even though the fact that her personality was a facade, we never really got to see behind it. She's got a pet she loves, she had a relationship with Gerald, but the story never gives us a chance to see who Sloane thinks or thought she is/was outside of, or negotiating with her story.

If you want to touch on more story types, or do a casefic, that would be awesome-- and if you want to play with story types that are not the common European ones, that would be EVEN MORE awesome.

Also, I'm really tired of Seanan's obsession with the Snow White archetype. So as much as I like Henry, I'd really prefer to stay away from her and the white-out wood. If Sloane's got her own place for evil sisters, that's cool, but the snow can be elsewhere for a while.

And, as for Gerald, I LOVE the idea of him. But we got no depth-- just BAM transdude, doesn't want to be part of a story, made out with Sloane, shit's going down. I don't really want a straight up love story although, if you want to play with how ATU 315 involves betraying family for a lover, that's cool. But I'm not interested in just their first time or anything because I'm not particularly invested in Gerald.

The Series: Imagine a Men In Black agency-- but they don't hunt down rogue aliens, they hunt down rogue fairy tales. The Narrative pushes people into conforming to story types, and it's the job of the ATI Management Bureau to track them down, and keep them from causing problems. After all, just because Sleeping Beauty's story requires people to sleep for 100 years doesn't mean the sleeping people stop needing to EAT during those 100 years, and that means people die... Originally released in episodes as a Kindle Serial, Indexing is a set of 12 chapters that were released every month for a year. This means that while the characters and stories are interesting, there's some repetition of information. Still, if you like remixing of fairy tales, aggressive female characters and queer side characters, you'll probably enjoy the book.

It can be found on Amazon here (and on B&N as a physical book here).
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