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This is a quick "Happy Purim, here's what I like" post. I'm a bit pressed on time, so bullet points!
  • I like happy endings
  • I don't like super-heavy angst
  • I don't like main character death
  • I like snuggles
  • I'm not easy to squick, but watersports, scat and necro are hard limits. I don't mind non-con, dub-con, bondage, or other such things. I like my ladies on top, though.
  • My favorite things in fic are banter, adventures, and first time
  • If you want to explore serious real life Issues, feel free, but I'm not going to judge if you don't.
  • (There's a slightly more coherent version of this one post down, in the Yuletide General Guidelines.)

Fandom Notes:

Once Upon a Time (TV)
  • I love Emma, Snow, Regina, and Belle
  • I ship Emma/Snow, but you don't have to. Bantering and sword fighting (and Emma's failure to use her gun in any useful way) are just fine by me.
  • I love Regina, and feel really bad for her. (YES, she's Henry's mother, jesus fuck, that's how the adoption system works.) Regina and Henry having a happy moment would make me melt.
  • Belle is just supersmart, and I'm all for Action Librarians.

Jigoku Shoujo | Hell Girl
  • You probably didn't match on this. It's still awesome. (If you're in the US, two of the three seasons are on Hulu) It's about a girl who is summoned to take people to hell, and the show is mostly terrible people doing terrible things. It's haunting.
  • Hell Girl/Enma Ai is not the one doing terrible things. Mostly.
  • Honne Onna and Ai should totally have a girls' night.
  • Kikuri is terrifying. So is the grandma.
  • I like ghost stories. Try and scare me. >:)

The Dresden Files - Jim Butcher
  • Murphy kicking ass. Murphy kicking HARRY'S ass.
  • Please no Harry/Molly. It's squicky.
  • Molly on her own, terrifying people or being trained by the Leanansidhe is good.
  • Charity is SOOPER bad ass.
  • Maeve going slowly mad is also fun. (If you want to play with spoilers from the most recent book \o/)
  • Or Molly and Murph teaming up to fight things. With banter.
  • Fairy tales/ghost stories of the Dresden-verse
  • Changes is the only book I haven't read. Please don't set a fic during it.

Rent - Larson
  • I ship Mark/Roger. You don't have to. But slice-of-life with Mark worrying about Roger's self-destruction would be great.
  • Maureen. Drags Roger to temple. And meets his family. Yeah.
  • Roger learned how to tango at temple. A story about that? Or Joanne and Roger tangoing at a wedding.

Runaways (Comics)
  • Geeeeeerrrrtttt. :((((( Fix-it fic.
  • I ship both Gert/Chase and Gert/Vic, for the record.
  • AUs where they're evil? In House of M it's implied that the Runaways actually ended up as a criminal gang/enterprise. Or a non-HoM AU where they actually do inherit evil from their parents.
  • Fuck Avengers Arena. Or give me a Runaways-specific Arena AU where they have to ~fight for their lives~

Gundam Wing
  • Relena fights crime.
  • Basically, I love all the female characters.
  • And would totally be down with any of them hanging out or fighting crime, or having adventures. Bantery adventures.
  • I've been in this fandom since the mid-90s. I LOOOOOVE terrible AUs. Like fairys, and dragons, vampires, and biker gangs, and flip-flopped Gundam pilots-are-evil/Oz-is-good plots.

  • I always fall in love with the moms. Ellen, Mary, and Linda Tran are my favorite characters.
  • If you could contrive to have them all meeting up to kick ass, I'd be down with that.
  • Otherwise, individual ass-kicking are good.
  • Or a story about Linda's first tattoo (she implies that the ward is not her first ink). Or her past. Basically, anything about her being a BAMF before the series.
  • I also love Jo. She kicks ass, and I like her kicking ass on her own damn hunts.
  • Also Bela. She was one of the only glimpses we had of "mundane" people using the supernatural to make a living. How did she do it?
  • But mostly the moms ♥
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