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It's Yuletide time! Welcome to my Yule letter/pimp post!


Basically-- if you're writing fic for me, I love you. I'm going to be happy, just to be able to share my squee.

You'll notice I throw a lot of ideas out-- feel free to take one, take many, take none. I always have fifteen billion ideas floating around, and I know how hard it can be to settle on something once the assignments come in. So I'm offering options, just to give you an idea of what's going on in my head.

Other General Info:
I like: Plot, adventures, banter and dry humor, happy ending, nerdly things like unicorns and NPR, over the top AUs (steampunk, noir, organized crime, harems...), power-play, gen, slash, femslash, het, any rating you feel comfortable with (for violence and/or sex), bittersweet things that are heavy on the sweet, feminism and fics that pass the Bechdel Test, interesting narrative voices and/or concepts.
I don't like: Deathfic, gratuitous angst, character-bashing, introspective character pieces, five times fic

THE REQUEST: Dragon Prince - Melanie Rawn (Ianthe of Princemarch, Sioned of River Run)

I love everything this series chooses to be. It's fun and cheesy and fantasy, which the best thing in the world.
I've always thought that Ianthe had a serious hate-crush on Sioned and part of the reason she was so vicious and fucked up was that whole "you must marry a guy and expand the empire or your useless" thing when maybe she didn't want to do that. Ianthe's always been one of my favorite characters because she's brilliant and ruthless and clearly takes joy in clever plans that go well. Of course, being the villain in a cheesy fantasy, she got no depth whatsoever, aside from that whole sexually liberated, taking male consorts thing (which is AWESOME, okay.) Sioned is also awesome and brilliant and kick ass. Her hesitance in the first book while she decided what she really wanted to do was pretty great, as was the fact that she promptly made friends with Tobin and pretty much every character not designated "villain". It seems like up through Ianthe's death, they're playing a game of brinkmanship. (Which isn't to say I don't like Sioned and Rohan together. They're bookTP and totally awesome.)

As for prompts, I normally prefer plotty fic to introspection. I feel like the whole sunrunner thing lends itself well to espionage, so political thriller, or murder mysteries or something would be great. If you want to do plot-what-plot involving these two-- either sex or just the sort of dancing around/pigtail pulling that would be great. Threesomes with Rohan-- also acceptable! Hell, if you want to do an AU where they end up together instead of Sioned marrying Rohan-- or alternately, an AU end to the trilogy, where Ianthe never died in the fire. Or something where she knew about her powers all along. Or Sioned, I don't know, realizing she kind of did think Ianthe was attractive.

NOTE: I have only read the first book in the second trilogy. :( Please don't reference stuff from after that, if you end up writing futurefic.

Okay, like I said, I think this series is the cheesiest fantasy series in the WORLD and in a lot of ways it's one of my first nostalgia fandoms. If you haven't read them, they are kind of ridiculously long (Like, GRR Martin-long), but they're quick reads despite that and rather less depressing than a lot of high fantasy. It's silly in the way that "adult fantasy" that takes itself way too seriously can be. A lot of the main protagonists actively enjoy each others' company and that's as much integral to the book as the politics and dragon-slaying.

The Series: I want to say "if this wasn't the matched fandom you should go out and read them right the fuck now', but you really need to enjoy ridiculous high fantasy novels about politics and a dude who's the prince of a desert and some people who communicate via sunlight. Needless to say, there's magic in there somewhere. And a LOT of politics. It's full of cheese. If it sounds interesting to you, pretty much ever used bookstore I have ever been to has at least one copy of these books. I think they spawn on bookshelves or something. You can probably also find digital copies on the internet.

That said, I kinda asked for a semi-serious plotty story. But if you want to run with the "it's cheesy fantasy" and want to write about Ianthe rescuing princesses or something silly, I say get down with your nerd self and run with it.

THE REQUEST: Face - Nu'est (Music Video) (Any)

I've wanted world building for this video since the first time I saw it. They're all so young and trying so hard to aggressive, in this slightly dystopian world. They save each other, and band together, but still push each other around and beat each other up some. The lyrics seem to be all about putting on that brave face until you actually have the real courage you need.

You can go the AU route and explore maybe an actual dystopian future, where this small gang of aggressively pretty misfits are trying to hang on, or maybe an exploration of who they are, and why they're in this group. Or relationship fic between the members of the group-- where they've saved each other and are close friends who maybe beat on each other, but protect each other just as much. If you want to tie it into the lyrics, and the way they don't stop now that they have friends who support them, that would also be awesome!

I do prefer the sweet side of bittersweet, and happy endings, so focus on the neon pink as much as the grey?

The Series: Well, it's not a "series", per se, since it's one music video. This is definitely a 'gimme' fandom-- whether or not we originally matched on it, you can consume the entirety of the requested fandom in slightly less than four minutes.

Nu'Est is a new Korean pop band, and FACE was their debut single and music video. It's a dark, high school-based, dystopianesque music video with the odd hint of neon pink. There's a lot of nice fight-based choreography, and the song is electro-funk with surprisingly serious lyrics (about wanting to prove your masculinity, and putting up a brave face, even though it's not real). It's also about extremely attractive teenage boys being "gritty" and "dark".

NU'EST "FACE" MV (English text ver.) on YouTube

THE REQUEST: Divergent Series - Veronica Roth (Four, Tris Prior)
Please don't think this is a Tris/Four request. It's not. I mean, you can write that if it's your thing and I will be happy because Tris and Four are wonderfully fucked up together, but really love pretty much everyone in this series so what I'm trying to say is that I give you explicit permission to only write about one of them, if you don't want to write about both.

Other characters I love other than Tris and Four: Uriah, Marlene, Lynn, Eric, Christina, Will, Natalie Prior, Andrew Prior, Jeanine Matthews, Cara, Tori

Feel free to write shippy stuff! I do a lot of multi-shipping in this fandom, what with Four being a hopeless dweeb when it comes to relationships and Tris being her failiest badass self, and Uriah being smoooooove, and Marlene and Lynn are the awesomest femslash that you could ever have a threesome for Tris with. I also hateship Four and Eric, what with the jealousy and fear that seems to be a constant undercurrent in their relationship.

Feel free to not write shippy stuff! I'd love fic with Four trying to settle into Dauntless and tripping up on his old ways and the fact that people seem to look up to him for some reason even though he doesn't understand it. Or LOLzy adventures involving any of Tris and the other initiates. Serious fic involving serious plot is also welcome-- I do love the thriller aspects of the series, and espionage/thrillers are super exciting to me.

Also, stuff with the adults and the adults' current or former relationships (like Jeanine, Natalie, and Andrew) is also welcome.

Also also. I love this series, but the world-building is a little shoddy. If you are willing to dig into the nuts and bolts of the world-- like who does the scutwork like cleaning toilets in sensitive Faction areas, or how two people mange to do tattoos for a faction of hundreds (and what happens if the tattoo artists age out of Dauntless, or whether anyone goes into a faction for it's art), or what about cross-faction jobs like Dauntless medics? What else does Erudite research? Does anyone get trained as chefs, or graphic designers or other non-specifically faction jobs? How does Dauntless policing work when they don't actually have any idea what the factionless or other factions are doing? Do any of the factionless do things like have garden boxes?
Stuff like that is so fascinating to me.

In case you can't tell, my request is super scattered. It's because I enjoy so much about this series that I was having a hard time pinning down what it is I actually like most. I'm a fan of thrillers in general, so suspense is good. Gen adventures of the "And Then They Fight Crime" variety can't ever go wrong.

If what you like is romance or relationships, I ship a good number of ships including, but not limited to:
Tris/Four (in a faily teenage sort of way), Tris/Uriah (in a friendly, hopeful sort of way), Marlene/Lynn/Tris (in a sexual exploration sort of way), Tris/Peter (in a dubious sort of way), Eric/Four (in a hateful sort of way), Christina/Will, Christina/Tris, Christina/Cara, Jeanine/Andrew/Natalie, Tori/Tris...
Alternate Universes where one or more of the characters are indifferent factions would be a great thing too. Or a what-might-happen in the next book!

But basically, I just want something not terribly depressing, that has some fun with the world. While I normally like off the wall AUs, in this fandom I want it to be firmly grounded in Tris' Chicago, even if you're creating new facts, or putting a new spin on the characters.

The Series: Two books of a planned trilogy, Divergent and its sequel, Insurgent, are set in a dystopian version of Chicago where society is divided into five factions, each dedicated to the cultivation of a particular virtue—Candor (the honest), Abnegation (the selfless), Dauntless (the brave), Amity (the peaceful), and Erudite (the intelligent). On an appointed day of every year, all sixteen-year-olds must select the faction to which they will devote the rest of their lives. Beatrice 'Tris' Prior leaves her home faction and discovers that there's more to the factions than anyone ever dreamed.

It's not as deep or solid as something like the Hunger Games, I love Divergent for having a fascinating concept and fun characters. It's a little bit lighter, and a little bit fluffier-- while people do die, and there are serious impacts on the main characters, there's always a sense of fun about this series. There's rappelling down sides of skyscrapers and jumping on and off moving trains, and generally it's the daredevil younger sibling of dystopian novels.

If you like dystopian fiction, young adult fiction, and a smidgen of romance, you will enjoy this book. (It can be found in your local bookstore, library and in digital copies.)

THE REQUEST: Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service (Any)
This series cries out for gen fic. Maybe a mystery where they don't use their powers? Or a huanted house that's not a haunted house. Scary stories are my bag, baby. If you like that sort of thing, go for it. Feel free to try and scare me. If you like to write non-scary stories, crime-fighting adventures are nice, but a totally fluffy "here's how they hang out in their free time and keeping failing to hold onto jobs" fic is also great.

ALTERNATIVELY, I ship everyone/everyone-- SERIOUSLY. So, if you'd rather write shippy fic, I'd be happy. I know the series doesn't like to do that kind of fanservice, but sexytiems or awkward first dates (or Numata and/or Karatsu and/or Yata getting really drunk and sloppy makeouts) also appeals.

I guess my only thing is that I'm not big on really really angsty fic. Some angst is okay, but happy endings, plz. Certainly no main character death, even if it is a series about dead bodies.

I picked "Any" for this fandom because I just couldn't make up my mind about what I wanted. There are so many characters, and I love all of them. And, again, if you don't want to write pairing-driven fic, I like horror stories and gen fantasy and creepypasta, so anything scary and gen would also work.

The Series: The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service (黒鷺死体宅配便 Kurosagi Shitai Takuhaibin?) is a horror manga series written by Eiji Ōtsuka and drawn by Housui Yamazaki. It's up to 13 Japanese volumes, 11 of which have been translated into English.

The series follows five recent graduates of a Buddhist academy, each with a different skill or power, mostly related to corpses. These powers include Karatsu's ability to channel the voice of a spirit trapped in a corpse, Makino's embalming skills, and Yata and his alien-possessed hand-puppet. The group uses their supernatural powers and skills to form a company to get fulfill the last wishes of dead people and-- hopefully-- get paid for it. It's both a horror manga and a crime manga, and despite being gory and terrifying, it's also extremely funny, with (obviously) a rather dark sense of humor. The characters care for each other a great deal, and their constantly strapped-for cash business is as much a source of humor as it is a source of community. The realistic art style and top-notch translation makes it something definitely worth reading, for those with a strong stomach.

The first 6 volumes can be found in scanlation here. It's worth a look, even if we didn't match on this fandom. Trigger warning for gore and bodily squick, though. If detached body parts bother you, this is not the manga for you.
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